The Dwarf Did It...

M.I.A Update (OwlCrate&Adventures)

HELLO THERE WORLD! It’s been a while since my last book review so I figured I would do a HUGE update as to why… With pics of course. A lot has been going around here that has actually prevented me from consistently reading. I did manage to finish Blood Will Out (finally) and I’ll be posting my review for it after this update. Things like trees falling and demolishing my pool, stepson’s high school graduation, his deploying for basic, etc etc have all happened in this short time but let’s get into the somewhat book related things as well as some random stuff I always find myself in…………..

Ok, so the first set of pictures im just going to pull from a draft blog I started but never finishes or posted because I got busy. A few weeks ago before I went Booze and Books AWOL I read two viking books in a row. In honor of “viking week” I had spent a few days cooking all “viking” food. Then also made my go to candle Viking Voyage compliments of my book partner in crime The Wine Queen.

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Next on The Dwarf Did It… adventure list was going to the Terry Brooks book signing at Books-A-Million for the release of the newest Shannara book. That was a lot of fun. Both Terry Brooks and his wife were both talkative, funny and a true inspiration. Gave me the motivation to continue on with my own novel endeavors. I went with my husband, kid, and step kid. We got lots of books signed since my husband has EVERY Terry Brooks book. One of mine was supposed to say “Good Luck with Booze and Books” but Terry Brook’s wife asked when The Wine Queen and I started it and I said February and Mr. Brooks wrote February! HAHA pretty cool that the mess up now has a story and character. We also got one of the books dedicated to hubs and his brother, who has been battling cancer lately and is a SUPER fantasy nerd like the rest of us.

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There was some camping and hiking and beach trips involved with my absence as well…. I didn’t take too many pics of these adventures and I also didn’t get as much reading done as I wanted.

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The beach trip portion of this post does bring us to the Owl Crate for June 2018 post. I’m not doing it in a separate because I actually messed it up!!! I had this awesome idea to do my unboxing pics on the beach since June’s theme was Summer Lovin’ and the box had a microfiber beach towel but I left an item out. I forgot to include the wooden bookmark because I was using it in the book that inspired it. Anywho….. Here are the goodies that were in this months box. The theme for this month (July) is Strange and Unusual.

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My mother came to visit us from Colorado. It was a TOTAL surprise. Had no idea she was coming. but we cooked a fuckton of food. Some classic family recipes for the freezer. we say fireworks and went to a baseball game. Pretty all american 4th of July. Here are the snippets of that week. I have a badass fireworks video but I am unable to upload it right this second. I’ll add it late because we were like 100ft from them. it was cool.

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WE MADE IT TO THE LAST SEGMENT!! Here in the next set of pics we have ALL the book mail I’ve received, the sunburns, the random dorky finds that excite me, looks inside the Booze and Books “office”, what I’m reading, or not reading thanks to World of Warcraft binges, painting just whatever from my last update. Hope you all enjoyed. The Dwarf Did It… is back to reviewing books so stay tuned!

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