The Dwarf Did It...

LootCrate March 2018

Alright guys! It’s April 4th so by now I’m sure everyone that subscribes to LootCrate, which comes at the very end of the month, has theirs. It’s now time to go over what was inside for any non subscribers interested in setting up a subscription. 

So March’s theme was totally retro. The theme was Playback and this whole box featured things from the 80s and 90s. I absolutely loved this idea, being a 90s kids raised by an 80s kid (My mother and I are very close in age).

^^ The stuff that came in this box was pretty neat. I liked the variety and the memories that came with each item. Everything that came in this box was a much better quality than last month (remember my rant? Lol)

^^ I’m in love with the pin that came in this box. Any time I take my tiny humans to an arcade, if they have Galaga, I’m soooooo on it.

^^ The Back to the Future t-shirt is by far one of the coolest shirts I’ve seen lately. I love the unique look of it being a page out of Doc’s notebook. When I was a kid, my mother and I use to have him food movie nights one Fridays.Sometimes we would over analyze and tell at Lifetime movies. Other times we would have… You guessed it! Back to the Future marathons and what not. 80s movies always made an appearance.

^^ March’s box also included a keychain blind bag from The Simpson’s for its 25 year anniversary. I’m pretty sure everyone young and old watches The Simpson’s. My only disappointment with this item is that I didn’t get Lisa’s saxophone!! I’ve played the tenor sax for 17 years so that would have been really neat to get! Blind bags are a random mystery though and that’s what makes them fun.

^^ The Dungeons & Dragons die keeper is pretty nifty. I love dragons (even have one tattooed on my hand which you can see in some of the “My Life In Pics” posts). Believe it or not, with as much gaming and fandom I participate in, I’ve never played Dungeons & Dragons. When I was younger I was too into playing Magic the Gathering. Lucky for me though, my brother in law and husband’s whole side of the family plays. This item has a nice little display spot on my bookshelf and when it comes time for the next family reunion I’LL BE READY WITH MY OWN DIE!

^^ I’m super happy with this month’s figurine. (Last month I had issues and had to glue my Expanse ship together). This one was perfect!! To this day, any Sonic, Mario, or Zelda game is my go to console game. They are classic and never get old. Shadow is still my favorite Sonic character but you can’t go wrong with the one that started it all! Looking at this figurine makes me want to bust out metal Sonic on some Super Smash Bros. HAHA!

^^ Last but not least, every month with your subscription you get a code for a digital comic. This was the one for March!
Overall this month was A LOT better than last month when it came to the quality of the items included. Like I said before, subscription boxes are hit or miss. You can’t win them all. This one was a win in my book.I

Speaking of Zelda, April’s box will feature an item! I’m also REALLY looking forward to The Dark Crystal item…. Don’t miss out on the April box! Click the link below to sign up today!

***I want to note that I’m currently looking into a new subscription box to try out and review. Reviews are posted here and also on my Twitter. Have something worth trying? Have a suggestion? Drop a comment or send me a message!***


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